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Creating a Scene

There’s a pink post-it on the notice board above my desk with the word ‘Obstacles’ scrawled on it three times. All Caps. Underlined. Beside it is a paler pink one with the word… Continue reading

I’m still here

My year in Edinburgh is drawing to a close. The second term is done, and I’m happy to say I did well on my portfolio. So now I’m left with producing a 30,000… Continue reading

Ethan Frome & the Hero’s Journey (Contains Spoilers)

In reading ETHAN FROME I’m always struck by how unlikely a protagonist Ethan is. He doesn’t have the qualities we usually find in a protagonist, i.e. courage, resolve, action. Ethan is a passive… Continue reading

Fantasy & Control ~ The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

So as part of my options course on the Act of Storytelling, we read a book a week and then we have to submit a journal entry discussing some aspect of the story… Continue reading

Camp NaNoWrimo – April 2013

Given how my last attempt at NaNoWrimo crashed and burned, one wonders why I would toss my hat into the ring again. Well…. I don’t have an answer for that. I’m giving it… Continue reading

The First Act Slump

You’re moving along with your story and everything is fine and dandy. 2,000 words quickly become 5,000, which multiply into 10,000, and you’re thinking “Man! This book is writing itself!” You hit 20,000,… Continue reading

Choosing a Critique Group

I’ve been hearing a lot about online Critique groups for a while now, and have only been mildly interested. For one thing, I wasn’t completely sure how the whole process worked, with the… Continue reading

Novel Progress – Day 63

I neglected to post my end-of-month progress report on the WIPs; what can I say, the A-Z Blogging Challenge wore me out :p So, I’ve decided to give an update today, marking 62… Continue reading

P is for… Progress

Given where I am with my writing, what else could ‘P’ be for? :p Progress has been odd with the stories… For the Novella This has been swimming along pretty well (knock on… Continue reading

Novel (and Novella?) Progress…

I discovered a wondrously odd thing this weekend. My main PC was on the fritz (as I complained about on my last two posts), but I ended up writing on my old, practically-a-paperweight… Continue reading

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