C is for…. Caterwauling

Caterwauling, from the Middle English “Caterwawen” means: ‘To protest or complain noisily.’ I’m trying to work this word into my writing in some way. I just think it’s such a descriptive word. Just… Continue reading

B is for…. Beginnings

I was doodling away today, trying to think of a post to attach to my chosen word for “B”, when I suddenly realized I was not just drawing a bird, but a phoenix… Continue reading

A~Z Challenge April 2012

A is for …… April Fool’s The April 2012 A~Z Blogging Challenge started yesterday and call me Tardy Trudie, but I’m starting today :p It’s going to be interesting trying to come up… Continue reading

Novel Progress

Day 31 on my novel has come to a close. Hard to believe it’s already been a month since I started putting pen to paper… or clicking the keyboard as it were. It… Continue reading

Outline, Outline, Outline

This is the mantra that’s been swimming around my head for the last week. I’ve always been a bit of a Polly Pants-er when it comes to writing, the kind that just goes… Continue reading

Writing Begets Writing

As I move along with my story, I end up getting struck with inspiration for other projects; whether it’s a poem or short story (which can easily be punched out), to more complex… Continue reading

Muddled Pronouns

So I’ve been running into a bit of an issue with my story, dealing primarily with pronouns. In the simplest terms, my problem is this: I frequently have two subjective or objective pronouns… Continue reading

The Frenzy ~ Prose

Do I have no recourse but to wait then? To wait until the words come gushing forth in lines of illegible scratchings and bouts of frenzied typing? Blisters on the pads of my… Continue reading

Changeling Bridge ~ A Short Story

Earlier, I posted about a lovely, inspiring prompt from Lightning Droplets asking readers to pick a random myth(this great list was linked to), and put it in a modern setting. I’ve mentioned before… Continue reading

Prompt: Myths in New Places

This is a fantastic prompt by a great writer over at Lightning Droplets that I’ve decided to tackle in order to combat my writer’s block 😉 Prompt: Myths in New Places. I’ll post… Continue reading

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