EdBookfest ~ Making Meaning of the Voices

This event was part of a series at the Edinburgh International Book Festival called “Conversations with Ourselves.” This series has been exploring different kinds of ‘Voice Hearing’ and how the phenomenon has been… Continue reading

Filer Stalking ~ Day 1 EdBookFest

So day 1 of the Edinburgh Book Festival saw us basically stalking Nathan Filer (The Shock of the Fall) from one event to the next. In the first he was joined by Stewart… Continue reading

The Shock of the Fall ~ Review

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I’m ashamed to say it, but I’d been avoiding it just because I didn’t find the cover appealing. It struck me as a little Fault in… Continue reading

Fist bumps at the Fringe

The Fringe is on!

Watch this space for Edinburgh Fringe 2014 highlights!

Creating a Scene

There’s a pink post-it on the notice board above my desk with the word ‘Obstacles’ scrawled on it three times. All Caps. Underlined. Beside it is a paler pink one with the word… Continue reading

I’m still here

My year in Edinburgh is drawing to a close. The second term is done, and I’m happy to say I did well on my portfolio. So now I’m left with producing a 30,000… Continue reading

What should I read next…?

Help me out, guys 🙂  

Bring up the Bodies ~ Review

Bring up the Bodies picks up where Wolf Hall left off: It’s September 1535, and Anne’s womb has failed England. Henry VIII’s eyes are wandering to meek, diffident Jane Seymour though he and Anne Boleyn… Continue reading

Author ~ Text ~ Reader

I’ve always viewed writing as a three-way relationship between author, text, and reader. The author exists before and beyond the text he creates, bringing to it his personal experience, history, and ideas. The… Continue reading

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